Re: Read-only from the outside

"SuperKoko" <>
Mon, 31 Jul 2006 00:07:22 CST
Frederick Gotham wrote:

Maybe it would be nice if we could specify that a member object should be
non-const within the class, but appear const to the outside world...
perhaps by combining "const" and "export":

    template<class T>
    class Arb {

        T const export obj;

        void Func()
            obj = 6; /* No problem */

    int main()
        Arb obj;

        obj.obj = 6; /* Compile ERROR: const violation */

Perhaps this could be extended to such elaborate definitions as:

    T const export *const export obj;

    T const export *const obj;

    T *const export obj;

    T const export *obj;

Excuse me; But I found it ridiculous...
That's an encapsulation flaw, anyway.
A much better alternative would be to provide an accessor!

And, if you really want to change the language... You'd better propose
Properties give all the syntaxic sugar you want, and a much better
And even much more syntaxic sugar.

Though, personally, I think that even properties don't worth the
language change.
I find that.

int i=my_obj.my_field();

Is as good as:

int i=my_obj.my_field;

And, it is even possible to make accessors return a reference to *this;

Is more compact, and pretty than:;;;

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