Re: class extension for C

Jeff Schwab <>
Fri, 14 Mar 2008 20:40:46 -0700
Jon Slaughter wrote:

I want to use classes in some embedded C dev to make the code more
organized. Is there any post processor that can do this? If not anyone know
of a very simple way to go about doing this? (some type of free C/C++ like
processor that I can modify without to much trouble)

Essenitally it would translate a class into compatible C code, e.g.,

class X

    int i;
    void func(int c);

X.i = 3;


int iX;
void funcX(int c);

iX = 3;

I don't need polymorphism, inheritence or encapsulation really(although it
would be nice) or even need to create objects from the class(in a sense the
classes are global static structs).

I just want to be able to write a bit more logical code in C with a little
bit of encapsultion(or really just organization).

I imagine though one could add the ability to use objects by just
specializing the class name a bit but it would require a little more work to
setup the class.

Unfortunately theres no C++ compiler for the device I'm interested in and I
don't want to write one.

As Sam said, your best bet is probably just to write decent C code. If
you are determined to go down the preprocessor route ('tis a shortcut in
name only), take a look at the KOBJ framework used in the BSD kernel.
If you just want generic types, Google turns up various macro libraries.
  Here's one "inspired by" the STL:

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