Re: question about private member

"Bill" <>
Sat, 29 Nov 2008 02:45:13 -0500
"Bill" <> wrote in message

<> wrote in message

class String
  String & operate=(const String *other)
   delete m_data;
 m_data=new char[strlen(other.m_data)+1];
  char *m_data;


in the above calss, why memeber function can access the object other's
private m_data?
according to Principle of Encapsulation ,a boject can not access other
object's private memeber.

do anyone give me any explanation ?
thanks in advance

Because it's a member of the same class. It works this way because it
would be too difficult (or impossible) at compile time to determine which
type of object a pointer in a method was pointing to (IIRC, from Bjarne
Stroustrup's fine book).


By "which type", of course, I meant the invoking object or the one in the
parameter list, or some other object of the same type. I hope that helps.
It's not that it "should" be this way--it's that the alternatives, in view
of the implementation of the language translator, leave few choices.


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