Re: Intit an Array of objects with ctor

"Daniel T." <>
Sat, 27 Mar 2010 22:06:39 -0400
peterfarge <> wrote:

I need a hint: I want to create a game map. Every place on this map is
a PlaceClass. This PlaceClass has one ctor with a pointer to a init
object. Now I want to create my map as a 2D of PlaceClass

class Map {
 Map(cInit *ptrInitObj) : m_map[100][100](ptrInitObj) { // <-- How to
init the array?

 PlaceClass m_map[100][100];

I would do it more like this:

// see "The C++ Programming language" section for other options
inline void Assert(bool pred, const char* file, int line) {
   if (!pred) {
      std::stringstream ss;
      ss << "logic error at: " << line << "in file: " << file;
      throw std::logic_error(ss.str());

class cInit { };

class PlaceClass {
   PlaceClass(const cInit& initObj);

class Map {
   std::vector<PlaceClass> m_map;
   PlaceClass& at(int x, int y) {
      Assert(0 <= x && x < 100, __FILE__, __LINE__);
      Assert(0 <= y && y < 100, __FILE__, __LINE__);
      return m_map[y + x * 100];
   Map(const cInit& initObj): m_map(1000, PlaceClass(initObj)) { }

Now, instead of "m_map[x][y]" inside the code, do "at(x, y)". Note that
the 'at' function is private so that encapsulation is not broken.

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