Re: Variables in for loop (style issue)

Thorsten Ottosen <>
19 May 2006 06:18:20 -0400
Walter Bright wrote: wrote:

I do agree that "const" is not very strong in C++, and as a type
qualifier it's
usually more trouble than it's worth IMO (in part because it's not
what you want to overload for; rvalue references will mitigate that
However, as a "read-only storage" annotation it could be useful.

Well, it might have brought some extra confusion to people and
compilers, but it seems like the only way to get encapsulation
*and* efficiency into an interface. C++ is the only language where
you don't have to give up one of them.

I find that that const-correctness is one of the things I
like the most about C++.

D does have const, but as a storage class, not as a type modifier.

-Walter Bright C, C++, D programming language compilers

P.S. I've never understood why one would want to overload const and
non-const functions with otherwise the same argument types. (Setting
aside template type traits tricks for the moment.)

Don't you understand why one would want to do it for member functions?


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