Re: Variables in for loop (style issue)

Walter Bright <>
4 Jun 2006 09:16:42 -0400
Ivan Vecerina wrote:

I have successfully used a bottom-up approach to convert legacy code
to becoming const-correct.

That does work if your program has a fairly strictly hierarchical
structure, and you're willing to start at the bottom rather than on the
particular segment you happen to be updating for other reasons.

When I work on code, I tend to overhaul one module at a time. That
module is unlikely to be at the bottom with no dependency on other modules.

Many programs don't have a top down structure, I know mine usually don't.

It seems obvious for example that refactoring
for const-correctness is easier than refactoring for encapsulation.

I haven't had any problems doing things like replacing global functions
with member functions piecemeal with just a minor edit here and there
that does not have a cascading effect, i.e.:

    foo_func(f, p);

has no ripple effect. The way data flows around the program, though, put
in a const anywhere in, and you wind up putting it all around. After
all, if I change p from int* to const int*, I have to change the
internals of foo_func, as well as every function foo_func calls and
passes p on to, rinse, repeat.

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