Re: Most annoying aspects of C++

"Daniel T." <>
Thu, 15 Jun 2006 11:24:49 GMT
In article <>,
 Michael Hopkins <> wrote:

Hi all

We all know that C++ is a cleverly conceived multi-paradigm language that
sacrifices very little in efficiency for what it delivers in terms of
type-safety, encapsulation and generic behaviour.

What I want to ask here is - what are the features that people most dislike
about it i.e. that:
   - make it more difficult than necessary to implement designs

   - introduce subtle bugs

   - force the developer to think in counter-intuitive ways

   - make managing a software project more troublesome

   - make using or producing libraries inconvenient

There may be others. I am not talking about subjective things like syntax,
more concerned with tangible design & software engineering issues.

This has the makings of a flame war. You are asking the people who love
the language most to dis it... :-)

The "feature" I most dislike is wild pointers. The fact that they can be
created, and the fact that there is no language facility to track them

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