Re: Initializer lists and std::array constructors

"=?iso-8859-1?q?Daniel_Kr=FCgler?=" <>
Fri, 16 Mar 2007 12:40:37 CST
On Mar 16, 4:09 pm, Joe Gottman <> wrote:

I think that if we do add initializer_lists to
C++0x, we should take the opportunity to give std::array a fuller

Some useful constructors and assignment-operators for array<T, N>
include the following:

array(); //Default constructor to ensure the entire array is initialized.

With the current state of POD definition this cannot be done.
E.g. even with the currently proposed *extended* definition of
POD's, see

array must have a default c'tor which has no effect. This will not
change even if the new, but better controlled enablement/disablement
of special members will be accepted, see

explicit array(const T &v); // Initialize with N copies of v

array(array &&a); //Move constructor. Does element-by-element moves

template <class Iterator>
array(Iterator first, Iterator last); //two-iterator constructor

template<class U, size_T M>
array(const array<U, M> &a); // converting constructor

template <class U, size_t M>
array(array<U, M> &&a); //Converting move constructor

array(initializer_list<T> init_list); // If we add these others, we
must define an initializer_list constructor.

template <class U, class M>
array operator=(const array<U,M> &a); //Converting assignment operator

template <class U, class M>
array operator=(array<U,M> &&a); //Converting move-assignment operator

array &operator=(initializer_list<T> init);

void assign(initializer_list<T> init);
template <class Iterator>

array &assign(Iterator first, Iterator last); //Assignment from pair of

array &operator=(array &&v); //Move assignment

I think these could all be added without violating the *new* POD
proposal. With old POD definition (that is the current one) not a
c'tor would be allowed.
With the new definition the data member can also be made private,
which supports better encapsulation.

Greetings from Bremen

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