Re: Use of std::vector slower than arrays?

"Daniel T." <>
Tue, 13 Nov 2007 07:10:56 -0500
mike3 <> wrote:

On Nov 12, 6:33 pm, "Daniel T." <> wrote:

mike3 <> wrote:

The timings show the simple array-based approach takes 4
seconds for 100 million operations on 128 bit numbers on my
machine. The one with std::vector, though, takes a whopping
40-41 seconds -- a 10x performance hit! OUCH!!! Why is that?

Because you did not optimize the build and/or did not remove the debug
checks from std::vector. Different compilers do things differently in
this regard. Check your documentation.

Well, I tried it with maximum optimization on, and that
got the time down to a nice 6 seconds, however the array-
based routine went down to a smoking-fast 2, so there's still a
3x performance gain from array use. I tried turning off the
debug, but that didn't seem to change it.

Then you missed something. There is absolutely no reason, based on the
code you showed us, that one routine would be faster than the other.

If you are using Visual C++, then check this out:
( Maybe
it will help.

Would it be a good
idea then to write my own encapsulation of the digit array,
with both "safe", slow access modes and "unsafe", fast ones
(ie. you could request a pointer to the digit array contained
in the thing and use it like a C-style array), then use this for
the time-critical areas (the bignum package) and std::vector
for everything else? Or would that just be silly and a waste
of work?

The latter. :-)

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