Problem on a sample code in "Windows SDK" (COM interface)?

=?Utf-8?B?Y3JlYXRpdmUyMg==?= <>
Mon, 26 Apr 2010 12:03:01 -0700
Hi all

I've built a sample code named "enrollCustomCMC" in Windows SDK at
"Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.1\Samples\Security\X509 Certificate Enrollment\VC"
directory, but when the ".exe" file is built and I use it with the "Command
Prompt", I see error in first "CoCreateInstance" function as
"REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG" that means: "Class not registered"!

I couldn't find the reason even with debugging!
The code is written using COM interface, here's the code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <certenroll.h>
#include <certsrv.h>
#include <certcli.h>
#include <wincrypt.h>
#include "enrollCommon.h"

void Usage()
    wprintf(L"enrollCustomCMC <Name> <Value> <DNS> <EKU> \n");
    wprintf(L"Example: enrollCustomCMC Name Value ");

HRESULT __cdecl wmain(__in int argc, __in_ecount(argc) wchar_t *argv[])
    HRESULT hr = S_OK;
    bool fCoInit = false;
    ICertRequest2* pCertRequest2 = NULL;
    ICertConfig* pCertConfig = NULL;
    IX509Enrollment* pEnroll = NULL;
    IX509CertificateRequest* pRequest = NULL;
    IX509CertificateRequestPkcs10* pPkcs10 = NULL;
    IX509CertificateRequestCmc* pCmc = NULL;
    IX509Extensions* pExtensions = NULL;
    IX509Extension* pExtension1 = NULL;
    IX509Extension* pExtension2 = NULL;
    IX509ExtensionEnhancedKeyUsage* pExtensionEKU = NULL;
    IX509ExtensionAlternativeNames* pExtensionSAN = NULL;
    IObjectId *pEKUObjectId = NULL;
    IObjectId *pSANObjectId = NULL;
    IObjectIds *pEKUObjectIds = NULL;
    IObjectIds *pSANObjectIds = NULL;
    IAlternativeName * anDnsName = NULL;
    IAlternativeNames * pAlternativeNames = NULL;
    IX509NameValuePair *pPair = NULL;
    IX509NameValuePairs *pPairs = NULL;
    PCWSTR pwszName;
    PCWSTR pwszValue;
    PCWSTR pwszDnsName;
    PCWSTR pwszEKU;
    BSTR strCAConfig = NULL;
    BSTR strDnsName = NULL;
    BSTR strName = NULL;
    BSTR strValue = NULL;
    BSTR strEKU = NULL;
    BSTR strRequest = NULL;
    BSTR strCert = NULL;
    BSTR strDisposition = NULL;
    LONG pDisposition = 0;

    // Process command line arguments
    if (argc != 5) {
        hr = E_INVALIDARG;
        _JumpError(hr, error, "invalid arg");
        pwszName = argv[1];
        pwszValue = argv[2];
        pwszDnsName = argv[3];
        pwszEKU = argv[4];

    // CoInitializeEx
    hr = CoInitializeEx(NULL, COINIT_MULTITHREADED);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoInitializeEx");
    fCoInit = true;

    // Create IX509CertificateRequestPkcs10
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
            NULL, // pUnkOuter
            (void **) &pPkcs10);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");

    // Initialize IX509CertificateRequestPkcs10
    hr = pPkcs10->Initialize(ContextMachine);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "Initialize");

    // Create IX509CertificateRequestCmc
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
            NULL, // pUnkOuter
            (void **) &pCmc);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");

    // Initialize CMC request
    hr = pCmc->InitializeFromInnerRequest(pPkcs10);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "InitializeFromInnerRequest");

    /* Create EKU extention from an OID */
    // Create IObjectId
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
            (void **) &pEKUObjectId);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");

    // Allocate BSTR for EKU OID
    strEKU = SysAllocString(pwszEKU);
    if (NULL == strEKU)
        hr = E_OUTOFMEMORY;
        _JumpError(hr, error, "SysAllocString");

    // Initialize IObjectId from EKU OID
    hr = pEKUObjectId->InitializeFromValue(strEKU);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "InitializeFromValue");

    // Create IObjectIds
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
            (void **) &pEKUObjectIds);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");

    // Add IObjectId into IObjectIds collection
    hr = pEKUObjectIds->Add(pEKUObjectId);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "Add");

    // Create IX509ExtensionEnhancedKeyUsage
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
            (void **) &pExtensionEKU);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");

    // Initialize IX509ExtensionEnhancedKeyUsage from IObjectIds
    hr = pExtensionEKU->InitializeEncode(pEKUObjectIds);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "InitializeEncode");

    // QueryInterface of IX509Extension
    hr = pExtensionEKU->QueryInterface(
            (VOID **)&pExtension1);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "QueryInterface");

    /* Create SAN extention from a DNS Name */

    // Create IAlternativeName
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
            (void **) &anDnsName);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");

    // Allocate BSTR for DNS name
    strDnsName = SysAllocString(pwszDnsName);
    if (NULL == strDnsName)
        hr = E_OUTOFMEMORY;
        _JumpError(hr, error, "SysAllocString");

    // Initialize IAlternativeName
    hr = anDnsName->InitializeFromString(
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "InitializeFromString");

    // Create IAlternativeNames
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
            (void **) &pAlternativeNames);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");

    // Add IAlternativeName into IAlternativeNames collection
    hr = pAlternativeNames->Add(anDnsName);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "Add");

    // Create IX509ExtensionAlternativeNames
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
            (void **) &pExtensionSAN);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");

    // Initialize IX509ExtensionAlternativeNames
    hr = pExtensionSAN->InitializeEncode(pAlternativeNames);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "InitializeEncode");

    // QueryInterface of IX509Extension
    hr = pExtensionSAN->QueryInterface(
            (VOID **)&pExtension2);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "QueryInterface");

    /* Add EKU and SAN extension into CMC request */

    // Get extensions from the CMC request
    hr = pCmc->get_X509Extensions(&pExtensions);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "get_X509Extensions");

    // Add EKU extension into the request
    hr = pExtensions->Add(pExtension1);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "Add");

    // Add SAN extension into the request
    hr = pExtensions->Add(pExtension2);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "Add");

    /* Create name value pair and add it into CMC request */

    // Create IX509NameValuePair
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
            NULL, // pUnkOuter
            (void **) &pPair);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");

    // Allocate BSTR for name
    strName = SysAllocString(pwszName);
    if (NULL == strName)
        hr = E_OUTOFMEMORY;
        _JumpError(hr, error, "SysAllocString");

    // Allocate BSTR for value
    strValue = SysAllocString(pwszValue);
    if (NULL == strValue)
        hr = E_OUTOFMEMORY;
        _JumpError(hr, error, "SysAllocString");

    // Initialize IX509NameValuePair
    hr = pPair->Initialize(strName, strValue);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "Initialize");

    // Get IX509NameValuePairs from CMC request
    hr = pCmc->get_NameValuePairs(&pPairs);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "get_NameValuePairs");

    // Add IX509NameValuePair into IX509NameValuePairs collection
    hr = pPairs->Add(pPair);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "Add");

    /* Create enrollment request */

    // Create IX509Enrollment
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
            NULL, // pUnkOuter
            (void **) &pEnroll);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");

    // Initialize IX509Enrollment from CMC request
    hr = pEnroll->InitializeFromRequest(pCmc);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "InitializeFromRequest");

    // Create request
    hr = pEnroll->CreateRequest(
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CreateRequest");

    /* Submit request to SA CA, get response and install it */
    // Create ICertConfig
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");
    // Get the CA Config from UI
    hr = pCertConfig->GetConfig(CC_UIPICKCONFIG, &strCAConfig);
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "GetConfig");

    // Create ICertRequest2
    hr = CoCreateInstance(
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "CoCreateInstance");
    // Submit the request
    hr = pCertRequest2->Submit(
            CR_IN_BASE64 | CR_IN_FORMATANY,
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "Submit");

    // Check the submission status
    if (pDisposition != CR_DISP_ISSUED) // Not enrolled
        hr = pCertRequest2->GetDispositionMessage(&strDisposition);
        _JumpIfError(hr, error, "GetDispositionMessage");
        if (pDisposition == CR_DISP_UNDER_SUBMISSION) // Pending
            wprintf(L"The submission is pending: %ws\n", strDisposition);
            _JumpError(hr, error, "Submit");
        else // Failed
            wprintf(L"The submission failed: %ws\n", strDisposition);
            _JumpError(hr, error, "Submit");

    // Get the certifcate
    hr = pCertRequest2->GetCertificate(
            CR_OUT_BASE64 | CR_OUT_CHAIN,
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "GetCertificate");

    // Install the certifcate
    hr = pEnroll->InstallResponse(
    _JumpIfError(hr, error, "InstallResponse");


    if (NULL != pCertRequest2) pCertRequest2->Release();
    if (NULL != pCertConfig) pCertConfig->Release();
    if (NULL != pEnroll) pEnroll->Release();
    if (NULL != pRequest) pRequest->Release();
    if (NULL != pPkcs10) pPkcs10->Release();
    if (NULL != pCmc) pCmc->Release();
    if (NULL != pExtensions) pExtensions->Release();
    if (NULL != pExtension1) pExtension1->Release();
    if (NULL != pExtension2) pExtension2->Release();
    if (NULL != pExtensionEKU) pExtensionEKU->Release();
    if (NULL != pExtensionSAN) pExtensionSAN->Release();
    if (NULL != pEKUObjectId) pEKUObjectId->Release();
    if (NULL != pSANObjectId) pSANObjectId->Release();
    if (NULL != pEKUObjectIds) pEKUObjectIds->Release();
    if (NULL != pSANObjectIds) pSANObjectIds->Release();
    if (NULL != anDnsName) anDnsName->Release();
    if (NULL != pAlternativeNames) pAlternativeNames->Release();
    if (NULL != pPair) pPair->Release();
    if (NULL != pPairs) pPairs->Release();
    if (fCoInit) CoUninitialize();
    return hr;

What's the problem?

And does this code need to a CA(certification Authority) to send request for?

Is it possible to run this code on XP client than Vista?

I asked this question on "Windows SDK" forum, but didn't get any respose!!

Please help me...

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