Re: Encryption in C++

Rolf Magnus <>
Sun, 08 Jul 2007 12:37:02 +0200
James Kanze wrote:

On Jul 7, 7:43 pm, Protoman <> wrote:

On 7 Jul, 06:19, "osmium" <> wrote:

"Wilson" writes:

hello, is it possible, in any way, to encrypt files, or
create an encrypting algorithm using C++

The only tools used is creating an algorithm is the human
mind and a vague notion of what a "computer", whatever that
is, can do. Following this step, you could test your
theories by writing a program in C++.

I wrote a program that simulates a 36 character, 10 rotor cipher w/ a
reflector. So, it can be done.

You miss his point. You wrote a program that implements an
existing algorithm. You need the algorithm before writing the
program, so the program can't create the algorithm.

The OP didn't say it could. He asked if it's possible to use C++ in the
process of creating one.

(Of course, it's probable that the original poster just expressed himself
poorly. Which IMHO doesn't bode good; people who cannot express
themselves clearly and precisely in their native language don't
have what it takes to become competent programmers.)

How do you know what the OP's native language is?

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