Re: converting to utf8?

 James Kanze <>
Sat, 14 Jul 2007 09:09:44 -0700
On Jul 14, 1:42 pm, wrote:

i've not done much i18n stuff before but i was wondering how, if given
a string (encoded as russian or kanji mb) how i would get this
converted to utf8. i'm working with forte compiler on solaris

i've something like:

    const char* s = "...."; // some russian/kanji encoded
    locale l("en_US.UTF8");
    wstringstream cnv;
    cnv << s;
    cout << "orig='" << s << "'\nconverted='" << cnv.str() << "'" <<

but this doesnt work. can anyone give me some advise?

The locale is only used for conversion when writing to or
reading from a file. A priori, you'll have to pass through
wchar, and use two different locales (in fact, two different
codecvt<wchar> facets).

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