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  Why would any compiler implementation count the length of the
string (like strlen() does) each time you call size()/length()?
It just doesn't make any sense.

I really couldn't tell you why -- quite frankly, when people first told
me about it, I found it hard to believe as well. It was stated and
demonstrated by people I'd tend to trust. OTOH, it was quite a while ago
(somewhere around gcc 2.9x or so, if memory serves) so with any luck
it's just a minor footnote in history by now.

It's probably a question of leveraging off existing C routines.
The std::string in VC++ 6.0 had problems if the string contained
a'\0', because it occasionally leveraged off the C routines,
which, of course, considered that the end of the string.

But as you say, that's all in the past.

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