Re: Base64 string save to binary file

"Alex Blekhman" <>
Thu, 20 Nov 2008 15:20:16 +0200
"Tommy" wrote:

o For BASE64, using these libraries is an major overkill.

Why? Where is the overkill? All I need to do is to link with
import .LIB and to call one function to encode/decode base64.
Crypt32.dll is already loaded by the OS since very early stages of
start up.

o You're kidding?

2% of what? 85-90% market base is not significant enough for
you? You be kicked out of a board room :-)

No, I am not kidding. According to this:

"Usage share of desktop operating systems"

Win2K takes up to 2% of desktops. Why should I care about Win2K
when MS itself doesn't care about it anymore? MS discontinued all
significant updates (except most critical patches) for Win2K, MS
doesn't develop any new software for Win2K, all new MS software
requires at least XP SP2, I cannot recall any of my friends who
still uses Win2K, etc etc.

Win2K is 9 years old OS. Unless you have specific product that
depends critically on Win2K, there is no compelling reason to
waste R&D resources to support Win2K any longer.


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