Re: Learning C++

"Balog Pal" <>
Mon, 11 Jan 2010 17:56:43 +0100
"Andrew Poelstra" <apoelstra@localhost.localdomain>

This case is quite the opposite: the 30-year old archaic **** is
to the 10-year old one.

Either that, or the ten thousand features vi has offered for 30 years are
actually useful.

It is similar to std::string. Indeed vi has a feature other stuff lacks: it
is *there*. Out of the box. Back in time some of my friends learned to use
edlin of DOS. For that same purpose. Because going around they could edit a
file on any random computer.

Btw it is just wild luck vi got in -- we could have the same conversation
you protecting ed. And there probably were similar debates at the proper
time point why vi is needless. :)

 >There's a reason people still use vi and emacs, why mail

servers still use sendmail, and why people still use RSA and ethernet and
binary computers.

The usual shifting of context. "Use" is fundamentally different to "Use for
XXXX purpose". vi is certainly useful for the maitainance guy to fix the
..profile on a random computer. It in no way imply that it is also fit
for professional software development where being effective and accurate is
on the target list.

Suggesting any of those to be "youthful rebellion" is purely nonsense.

And I did not claim sensible usage of "tool for the purpose" like that.

However claiming tha raw general tool being superior to the one developed
with the clear purpose -- and btw used in greater numbers around the globe
too, just by people who are not loud in forums -- sounds like that.

With all the "supporting" other statements :)

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