Use (encapsulate) a class inside a class...

"TBass" <>
21 Jun 2006 07:30:24 -0700

I've been using C for years, but I'm new to C++. For the most part it's
been smooth, but here's my current snag:


class COPCClassFactory

    int someint;



class COPCClassFactory;

class COPCServer

    COPCClassFactory * pCF;



#include "COPCServer.h"


     COPCServer kt;

     /* at this point, I want to get back to someint */
     /* and change its value */
     /* and I'm a little unsure as how to do that. */

     /* my current attempt leaves some tasks undone */
     kt.pCF->someint = 5;
     /* compiler error: use of undefined type COPCClassFactory */

     /* but it's just a pointer to COPCClassFactory, */
     /* I still need to initalize one */
     /* but myapp.cpp doesn't "see" COPCClassFactory. Doing: */

    kt.pCF = new COPCClassFactory;
    /* compiler error: no appropriate default constructor */

    /* Do that in constructor of COPCServer class? */


I knew what I was typing was wrong; I'm just not sure of the proper
method. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,

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