Re: pointer to pointer

"Joshua Lehrer" <>
Fri, 2 Mar 2007 13:14:40 CST
On Feb 26, 10:19 pm, (Carl Barron) wrote:

Mitesh <> wrote:
   A pointer to a pointer might be used when ever another level of
indirection simplifies the problem.
   remember also
   double *a = ...;
   double *b = ...;
   tyoedef double *Ptr;

you mean 'typedef' :)

   Ptr & c = a;
   Ptr * d = a;

You left off an ampersand
Ptr * d = &a;

   c = b // modifies a (a = b)
   d = b // does not modify a

Nor does it even compile. 'd' is a pointer to a pointer. 'b' is a
pointer. The later can not be assigned to the former.

Pointer-to-pointer is just as useful as reference-to-pointer, except
pointer-to-pointer can be null, while reference-to-pointer can not be

As others have pointed out, a common use case is an object factory:

void create(T** pp) {
  if (pp) *pp = new T();
void create(T*& rp) {
  rp = new T();

joshua lehrer

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