virtual functions & container interaction

"babaco" <>
4 Apr 2007 18:01:44 -0700

I've come upon a situation where I don't understand what's happening.
Basically, I'm implementing a kind of 'chain of responsibility' using
some covariant types:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
using namespace std;

class Shape {
  int sides;

class Square : public Shape {
  int sides;
  Square() : sides(4) {};

class Triangle : public Shape {
  int sides;
  Triangle() : sides(3) {};

class ShapeMaker {
  virtual Shape* CreateObject(void) const = 0;

class SquareMaker : public ShapeMaker {
  Square* CreateObject(void) const {
    cout << "CreateObject: for SQUARE" << endl;
    return (new Square);

class TriangleMaker : public ShapeMaker {
  Triangle* CreateObject(void) const {
    cout << "CreateObject: for TRIANGLE" << endl;
    return (new Triangle);

class ShapeContainer {
  vector<Square*> squares;
  vector<Triangle*> triangles;
  vector<Shape*> shapes;
  void enter(Square* s) { squares.push_back(s); }
  void enter(Triangle* t) { triangles.push_back(t); }
  void enter(Shape* s) { shapes.push_back(s); }

  friend ostream& operator<<(ostream& os, ShapeContainer &c) {
    return os << "Container has \t" << c.squares.size() << " squares
              << " \t" << c.triangles.size() << "
          << " \t" << c.shapes.size() << " generic shapes


int main ()

  SquareMaker* sfactory = new SquareMaker;
  TriangleMaker* tfactory = new TriangleMaker;

  cout << "\nFirst Set of Tests:" << endl;
  ShapeContainer container1;
  cout << container1;

  cout << "\n\nSecond Set of Tests:" << endl;
  vector<ShapeMaker*> master_factory;
  ShapeContainer container2;

  vector<ShapeMaker*>::iterator it = master_factory.begin();
  while(it != master_factory.end()) {
    // this calls the correct derived type function
    // but returns an object of the base class. huh?
    container2.enter( (*it)->CreateObject() );

  cout << container2;

This compiles under gcc 4.0.1 (apple, x86). When I run it I get this:

First Set of Tests:
CreateObject: for SQUARE
CreateObject: for TRIANGLE
Container has 1 squares
                1 triangles
                0 generic shapes

Second Set of Tests:
CreateObject: for SQUARE
CreateObject: for TRIANGLE
Container has 0 squares
                0 triangles
                2 generic shapes

My question is why does (*it)->CreateObject() call the correct derived
class type, but result in a base class return type? Please be gentle;
I've been writing Perl code for years now and I'm lazy and used to
dynamic bindings.


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