Re: Templates vs factories

Cumhur Guzel <>
Sat, 5 May 2007 00:09:34 CST
On 4 May?s, 01:40, Imre <> wrote:


I have some problems with using a kind of the Factory pattern in a
context of class templates.

I came up something different than you asked.
I centralized all creation job into one funtion rather dispatching
over registered functions.

Factory class in this case create a function for all T<t>s. Its basic
constraints are T<t> should be existing and its default constructor
should be available to call.

I hope it gives you some different point of angle.

namespace MyFactory
       template<typename T>
       class A{};

       template<typename T>
       class B{};

       template <template <class T2> class T1, class T2>
       struct Factory
               typedef T1<T2> MyFactoryTemplate;

               static MyFactoryTemplate Create()
                       return MyFactoryTemplate();

       void f()
                A<int> aint = Factory<A,int>::Create();
                A<double> adouble = Factory<A,double>::Create();
                B<int> bint = Factory<B,int>::Create();
                B<double> bdouble = Factory<B,double>::Create();


Cumhur Guzel

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