Re: Error in sapi.dll

"Brian Muth" <>
Mon, 11 Feb 2008 10:49:20 -0800
0x80040154 means "Class not registered.".

As you know, sapi.dll is the Microsoft Speech API which is a COM object that is preinstalled on all Windows OS's that are XP or

As a sanity check, I would use OLEVIEW and try to expand the "SpLexicon Class". If this fails, it confirms that the sapi.dll is not
installed properly and you may need to use your XP distribution CD to fix your OS. If it succeeds, the problem is elsewhere.

This is a niche technology still, and you might get better help in the micorosft.public.speech_tech.* newsgroups.


"" <> wrote in message


RecognizerObj = new SpInprocRecognizer(); //Error occured here.
stream = new SpCustomStreamClass();
MyASRStream = new ASRStreamClass();

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID
{41B89B6B-9399-11D2-9623-00C04F8EE628} failed due to the following error:

I am using C#.Net 2.0. How to solve this error please help me.

I tried registering using regsvr32 and tlbimp and regasm tools, but nothing
helped me.

please help me.

R. Pandiarajan.

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