Re: C++ Abstract Factory Implementation

Gianni Mariani <>
Wed, 09 Jul 2008 22:09:53 GMT
Suresh wrote:

On Jul 9, 7:59 am, Ian Collins <> wrote:

Suresh wrote:

I am hoping someone can give me very needed help.

Please stop asking the same question over and over.

Ian Collins.

I am very apologetic for multiple asking. This was not my intendings.
It was mistake and I have removed duplications.
I have decided to use first Papa Factory. It is with very good
documentation and just few .h files.
Austria for me now is difficult I not have enough experience. Book by
Andrei Alexandrecu is too much advanced for now too. But I think Papa
Factory is no support for multi-thread, but this is fine for now.

You said Austria C++ is difficult ?

I'd really love to know what you think is difficult. Below is an
example of a simple no constructor parameters case.

#include "at_factory.h"

class Interface {

int main()
    Interface * n2 = at::FactoryRegister< Interface, char >::Create(2)();
    // n2 should really be an instance of Impl2

// this below can be in other linked in compile units
class Impl1 : public Interface {
AT_MakeFactory0P( 1, Impl1, Interface, int);

class Impl2 : public Interface {
AT_MakeFactory0P( 2, Impl2, Interface, int);

Please let me know what is so hard.

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