Idiom for object construction and factories in C++0X

Jesse Perla <>
Fri, 24 Apr 2009 16:22:40 CST
What is the preferred naming idiom for factories, make functions, etc.
in C++ these days? Should the constructor free function be called
"make" in front of the class name, and the factory implement operator
() to construct?

For example:

template<class F>
class simplex
   F f_;
   optimizer_settings opts_;
   template<class F>
   simplex(F f, optimizer_settings opts) : f_(f), opts_(opts){}

template<class F>
simplex<F> make_simplex(F f, optimizer_settings opts)
   return simplex<F>(f, opts);

class simplex_factory
   optimizer_settings opts_;
   simplex_factory(optimizer_settings opts) : opts_(opts) {}

   template<class F>
   simplex<F> operator()(F f)
        return simplex<F>(f, opts_);
----------------------- Usage:
double f(double x) {return x*x;}
optimizer_settings my_opts(.1, .2); //some construction

//Can create with "make" function
auto my_simplex = make_simplex(f, my_opts);

//Or can create a factory and then generate them.
simplex_factory my_factory(my_opts);

auto my_simplex2 = my_factory(f);

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