Re: Applications of C++

Noah Roberts <>
Mon, 11 May 2009 07:58:59 -0700
Jeff Schwab wrote:

Bo Persson wrote:

Jeff Schwab wrote:

I rarely bother with such separation in my own code; in fact, I
usually consider it a mistake. James and I have had this
discussion here before, though, and I have no interest in poking
that particular sleeping dog.

Why not?

Discussing why interface and implementation is so much better than
header and implementation, sounds fun. :-)

Ho ho ho. :)

If you write lots of small classes and functions, then maintaining
separate declarations and definitions causes an absurd amount of source
code bloat (nearly 2x).

I often purposfully set it up so that I can write entire sets of classes
within cpp files only. The "interface" of the class in these cases is
already defined as an abstract base in a header. Then I simply have to
add a way to register the class with a factory of some sort upon program
startup, usually with a "bool register()" and some macros so I'm not
writing "namespace { bool b = factory::register(new object); }" all the

It's a misnomer to assume that every class has its own public interface.
  Some simply implement one that is shared by many others.

When the class being implemented does have a public interface of its own
though, I usually do separate it into cpp and h files unless it's some
sort of utility file I want to have as header only.

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