Re: Abstract Factory Design Patterns Advice

DeMarcus <>
Tue, 23 Jun 2009 19:36:52 CST

OK, I get your point. Why you say container is good for
polymorphism ?
In what situation container is more suitable than polymorphism ?

I mean that polymorphism and containers work very well together. You can
load a lot of different objects in for instance a std::vector and then
loop over the vector and run a common virtual method. Say you want to
initialize all your factories, then you don't have to write:


but instead you just loop:

for( std::map<std::string, ObjectFactory*>::iterator i =
    factoryMap.begin(); i != factoryMap.end(); ++i )

I have a question here. After i create the appropriate user, how to
forward call to the user using this approach ?

It depends if the call is a common call receivable by all the users then
use polymorphism again:

class User // Interface
    virtual ~User() {}
    virtual void receiveCall( const std::string& call ) = 0;

class AdminUser : public User
    virtual void receiveCall( const std::string& call ) { /* ... */ }

// Following may not be an optimal design, but rather a hint to your work.

User* user = factoryMap[userString]->createUser();
user->receiveCall( callString );

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