Re: Object that transfers ownership on assignment/copy

Barry <>
Thu, 06 Sep 2007 11:06:32 +0800
Victor Bazarov wrote:

Scott Gifford wrote:

"Victor Bazarov" <> writes:

Scott Gifford wrote:


   C c_factory() {
     return C(new string("foo"));


Here you have a temporary from which you're trying to construct
an object. That operation requires binding a non-const reference
to the temporary, which is prohibited.

I assume you mean the above snippet? I can fix this particular error
by replacing using a temporary:

   C c_factory() {
     C tmp(new string("foo"));
     return tmp;

The variable you call 'tmp' has nothing to do with the "temporary" that
I refered to. A temporary object and an object with automatic storage
duration are not the same. Your 'tmp' here is the latter. The former
is created as the function returns a value.

adding this information may help understanding the problem.

initial value of reference to non-const must be an lvalue
(the compiler assume that you will somewhere modify the original data)

the temporary returned by the function is an rvalue.


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