Re: passing unnamed array to function

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Thu, 3 Jan 2008 14:41:18 -0500
poorboywilly wrote:

I've been unable to find any information on this through any search
engines. Is there any way to pass an unnamed (temporary) array to a

There are no "array literals" in C++ (beyond arrays of 'char const').

You can probably create a way. Here is what you need to do. Define
a class (better a template) which will have a constructor with '...'
for the argument. It will manage its own memory, say. A member of
that class will be the pointer to the dynamic memory, so you would
be able to use syntax like


It might look something like

    template<class T> struct make_array_t {
        T *pointer;
        make_array_t(T t ...); // the constructor - allocates and
                            // fills the memory
        // those are prohibited
        make_array_t& operator=(make_array_t const&);
        make_array_t(make_array_t const&);

    // and here is the factory:
    template<class T> make_array_t<T> make_array(T t ...);

All you need to figure out is how you manage the variadic arguments
(how you stop processing the list, that is).

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