20 Jul 2006 09:37:11 -0700
I've been trying to write a basic encryption algorithm, not really
intended for use as a secure means of protecting data, but to help me
learn things like bitwise operations.

Just wondering, how easy would it be to crack what I've come up with:

    FILE * inFile;
    FILE * outFile;
    this->inputfile = infn;
    int k = 0;
    char pc = 211;
    char ppc = 47;
    int count = 17;
    int klen = this->key.length();
    string key = this->key;
    char nc;
    char encChar;
    int counter = 347;
    int offset;
    string out;
    inFile= fopen(infn.c_str(),"rb");
    outFile= fopen(outfn.c_str(),"wb");
    char khash1 = key[0];
    char khash2 = key[0];
    char khash3 = key[0];
    for(int kle=0;kle<key.length();kle++){
        khash1 &= key[kle];
        khash2 |= key[kle];
        khash3 ^= key[kle];
    nc = fgetc(inFile);
    int forloops;
    int fl = 0;
    for (fl;fl<forloops;fl++){
        encChar = (key[k]^nc);
        encChar = encChar^(pc^ppc);
        ppc = (pc+((key.length()*(key[k]+4))*(count++/23)));
        pc = encChar;
        offset = ((counter++)%(key[k]));
        encChar += offset;
        encChar ^= khash3;
        encChar ^= khash2;
        encChar ^= khash1;
        fputc ( encChar, outFile );
        nc = fgetc(inFile);
    fclose (inFile);
    fclose (outFile);



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