Re: std::tr1::unordered_set problem in GCC 4.1.2

Howard Hinnant <>
Sun, 8 Apr 2007 17:14:56 CST
In article <>,
 Pete Becker <> wrote:

Howard Hinnant wrote:

Your class actually looks like:

class Traxboard {
      bool operator==(const Traxboard& another) const;
      bool operator&();
      int getHash() const;

The gcc code is taking the address of a Traxboard and you're returning a
bool. gcc wants a Traxboard* when it says &(some expression yielding an
lvalue Traxboard).

Which is, nevertheless, a gcc bug, since the key type for an unordered
container is allowed to overloaed operator&. Of course, that's not a
good idea, and should probably not be allowed. It wreaks havoc unless
library code that needs an address carefully works around it.

I believe I disagree with you on both points:

1. The current standard requires &t to yield the address of t.

2. This requirement is unnecessary and should be removed for C++0X.
Containers should use allocator::address(t), and that should work along
the lines of boost::address_of.


20.1.3 [lib.copyconstructible] in C++03 ([copyconstructible]) in N2134.


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