Multidimensional hash functions

Mike <>
24 May 2007 01:48:08 -0700

I have a multidimensional array that I would like to access as a hash
map for performance reasons. I cannot see anything in the STL (I mean
STL/TR1) that supports multi-dimensional hash access like eg :

hash_map<Key1, Key2, Value> md_hash;

V1 = md_hash.find(k1, k2); //etc

Do I really need to do this by making hash_maps for each of the rows
and then take a hash_map of all the maps ? Or is there an easier
way ?

Also, the set of {Key,Value} pairs is constant (it is a look up
table) and I would like to initialise the hash map from a 2
dimensional const array. It seems there is no way to do this directly
using STL type hashes but instead I need to create a wrapper class and
iterate through the initialiser array to initialise the hash maps.
This has the downside of wasting the original table of values which is
discarded after the initialisation process, and also is a waste of
time. Does anyone know of a canned (presumeably non STL) hash map
that can utilise the original initialisation array as the actual data
storeage ?

Efficiency is important to me because I'm working on a video codec.

Many thanks,


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