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"BobR" <>
Thu, 14 Jun 2007 03:27:04 GMT
aaragon <> wrote in message ...

Hello everyone,

I have a VERY BIG set of double values that I want to map to intervals
so I thought a clever way to do this was using a hash table. Let's say
that I want to map all double values in the range 0-0.5 to a single

This is what I've done so far:

#include <iostream>
#include <ext/hash_map>

non-standard header. (AFAIK)

#include <boost/functional/hash.hpp>

non-standard header.

using namespace __gnu_cxx;


using namespace std;


struct eqstr
  bool operator()(const double& o, const double& p) const
    return (o == p);

Comparing doubles for equality is most often bad [1]. Compare to a range.

   if( ( o + 0.0001 > p ) && ( o - 0.0001 < p ) ){ return true;}
   return false;

Output the numbers using a stream with 'fixed' and a big 'precision', and
see if they are (really/almost) equal (in the limited output (rounding
errors in stream output)).

Not sure this is your problem, but, it (==) should be fixed.


namespace __gnu_cxx{

Are you a GNU systems/compiler developer?

template<> struct hash<double> {
  size_t operator()(double __x) const {
  boost::hash<double> double_hash;
        return double_hash(__x);


void lookup(const hash_map<double, pair<double,double> , hash<double>,
          eqstr>& Map, const double number){
    hash_map<double, pair<double,double> , hash<double>,
              eqstr>::const_iterator it = Map.find(number);
  cout << number << ": "
       << (it != Map.end() ? "present" : "not present")
       << endl;

int main(){
  hash_map<double, pair<double,double> , hash<double>, eqstr> HashMap;

aaragon@aaragon-laptop:~/Desktop$ ./a.out
0.1: present
0.05: not present

Now, the thing is that I can't map the value of 0.05 to the same pair
because my hashing function doesn't to this. Any ideas???
Thank you,

std::ostringstream sos;
sos.setf( std::ios_base::fixed, std::ios::floatfield );
sos.precision( 40 );

double num( 0.1 );

sos<<"double num( 0.1 )="<<num<<std::endl;
// out: double num( 0.1 )=0.10000000000000001

Bob R

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