Re: A strange problem of template

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Wed, 18 Jul 2007 16:19:30 -0400
Zheng Da wrote:

Victor Bazarov wrote:

Zheng Da wrote:

I want a use the class of map in a class with template,
and the type of elements in map is specified by the parameter of the
class's template.
For example,
template <typename key, typename T>
class hashmap
map<key , T> table;
void find(const key &k){
map<key,T>::iterator it=table.find(k); <=the error

int main()
hashmap<int,int> hm;

When I compile it, I get the error error: expected `;' before 'it'
I don't get it. Why I can use map in this class, but I can't define
its iterator?

Read up on 'typename' keyword and where it's supposed to be used.
(Hint: there are FAQ entires that have it and there is more than one
 use of that keyword)


I'm sorry, I really didn't find the solution.
You mean
I didn't find the similar question there.
I tried to use 'typename' as keyword to search c++ faq, and still
didn't find the similar questions.

You know what, I don't want to prove you wrong or prove myself wrong.
Just do

    typename map<key,T>::iterator it = ...

And get a decent book on C++ templates that explains the need for the
'typename' keyword, OK?

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