./cs512/c++/cppdef/dsa.cpp:175: error: no matching function for call to

"cablepuff@gmail.com" <cablepuff@gmail.com>
Wed, 16 Jan 2008 05:36:26 -0800 (PST)
Hi I have the following error.
../cs512/c++/cppdef/dsa.cpp:175: error: no matching function for call
to 'str_to_numlist(std::back_insert_iterator<std::vector<BigInteger,
std::allocator<BigInteger> > >, const std::basic_string<char,
std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >&, const BigInteger&)'

Here is the codes

* w = (s') ^ -1 mod q *
* u1 = [H(M')w] mod q *
* u2 = (r')w mod q *
* v = [g^u1*y^u2)mod p] mod q *
template <class ContainerType>
bool encryptcpw::dsa<ContainerType>::verifying(
typename ContainerType::const_reference y,
typename ContainerType::const_reference rp,
typename ContainerType::const_reference sp,
const std::string& Mp)
     typedef typename ContainerType::value_type T;
     const T digits(std::numeric_limits<T>::digits);
     ContainerType myHashTbl;
    encryptcpw::str_to_numlist(std::back_inserter(myHashTbl), Mp,
digits); // error here.
     T HM(encryptcpw::MyHash(myHashTbl.begin(), myHashTbl.end(),
     const T w(algocpw::improve_pow(sp, -1)%q);
     const T u1((HM*w)%q);
     const T u2(rp*w % q);
     const T v(
        ((algocpw::improve_pow(g, u1) * algocpw::improve_pow(y, u2) )
% p ) % q);
     return v == rp;

// inside StringConversion.hpp
namespace encryptcpw
     * name: str_to_numlist *
     * purpose: converts a string into sequence of list *
     * @param s the string to convert. *
     * @param bound the bound of elements with bound >= 256. *
     * @return a list of integer *
    template <typename OutputIterator>
    OutputIterator str_to_numlist(OutputIterator OutIt, const
std::string& s, typename OutputIterator::value_type bound);

// inside StringConversiondef.hpp
template <typename OutputIterator>
OutputIterator encryptcpw::str_to_numlist(OutputIterator OutIt, const
std::string& s, typename OutputIterator::value_type bound)
What is wrong?

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