Re: Name change to MSDN C++/CLI column

"Le Chaud Lapin" <>
4 Jun 2006 09:12:31 -0400
Dilip wrote:

This probably isn't relevant to this NG but some time ago there was a
lengthy thread here that felt that Microsoft is committing some kind of
grave mistake by labelling their C++/CLI column appearing in MSDN
magazine as "Pure C++". I just noticed that they have now changed it
to "Netting C++". Can we pardon them now? :-)

An update on this issue:

Just now, while using Visual Studio 2005, I needed to get specific
information on the (non-portable) _stdcall attribute for functions.
When I found it, it was listed among all the other keywords that
Microsoft claims are "keywords for C++". What caught my attention was
the presentation of the keywords - again, as I have seen many times
before, to the C++-uninitiated, Microsoft appears to subtlely portray
their proprietary extensions as bona fide C++. For xample, they write:

"Keywords are predefined reserved identifiers that have special
meanings. They cannot be used as identifiers in your program. The
following keywords are reserved for Microsoft C++. Names with leading
underscores are Microsoft extensions."

This statement alone implies that keywords *without* leading
underscores are *not* Microsoft extensions, but C++ proper. I see 8
extra keywords, mostly having to do with .NET, that have nothing to do
with C++.

Microsoft also writes:

"The following table lists new keywords that have been added to the C++
language. Note that some keywords consist of two words separated by
white space. These aggregate keywords are considered keywords despite
the fact that, used separately, they have different meanings. The word
ref, for example, used without class is not a keyword and can be used
as a regular identifier. Likewise, by itself class denotes a native
class. But, used together, ref class defines a common language runtime
(CLR) reference type."

Apparently, the following are all new C++ keywords:

{ // quote
ref class
ref struct

 Defines a CLR reference class
 Classes and Structs (Managed)

  Copy Code
value class
value struct

 Defines a CLR value class
 Classes and Structs (Managed)

  Copy Code
interface class
interface struct

 Defines a CLR interface
 interface class

  Copy Code
enum class
enum struct

 Defines a CLR enumeration
 enum class

  Copy Code

 Defines a CLR property

  Copy Code

 Defines a CLR delegate

  Copy Code
} // quote

Pardon them for attempting to hi-jack C++? Not yet.

-Le Chaud Lapin-

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