Re: If GC is the solution, then what is the problem?

"Allan W" <>
19 Jul 2006 15:27:27 -0400
Le Chaud Lapin wrote: wrote:

All GC does is say, "I create objects but don't feel like defining
an owner, so I just leave my mess for the janitor, whom I assume
will clean up for me in a proper way."

Well said.

Ironically, after the mess is created, the creator of the mess often
spends days (sometimes weeks) trying to recover the determinism that
was lost by GC. I have already seen in recent months several occasions
where a GC evangelist got himself into a nasty situation with
garbage-collected code, fiddled around with his nasty code for a few
days, then finally resorted to consutling a non-GC person to help him
figure out how to force his GC stuff to be more deterministic. It's
comical to watch.

The "Nettting C++" article of this month touches on the same issue:

That article presents code which is written in C++/CLI.
C++/CLI is a .NET language... complete with GC.
It is a different language than Standard C++.

But anyway, the very first line of the very first code sample in that

     public ref class TQL {

The keyword "ref" does not exist in standard C++, nor is it needed.
The keyword "public" is not used that way in standard C++.

There was a HUGE discussion about the name "C++/CLI", not long ago
(and very heated, for a moderated group)... As I recall, the only real
agreement was that C++/CLI is a different language than Standard C++,
despite having such a similar name. Disagreement about whether this
was evil or not. But note that the Microsoft Visual Studio compiler
supports C++/CLI) also supports Standard C++. But you have to
understand the difference.

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