Re: Replacement for MS STL?

"Carl Daniel [VC++ MVP]" <>
Mon, 2 Oct 2006 17:22:02 -0700
"Ivan Vecerina" <> wrote in message

"P.J. Plauger" <> wrote in message
: So far you are zero for three, and seem to have trouble
: reading documentation. But if you have other bugs to report,
: I'm still very interested in hearing about them.

Sorry for jumping in, but I have been annoyed by
a real bug, that has been reported an acknowledged by MS
last March. It is now marked as "closed", but there seems
to be no patch or resolution available from Microsoft.

The bug report can be found here:
I also described a failing test case here:

Has Dinkumware solved this problem internally ?
What is the process for a patched library to reach end-users,
 and when/how can I expect to receive a bug fix ?

Based on the close date, this is probably fixed in Orcas. It's possible
that it's fixed in VS 2005 SP1 (now in beta). You might want to download
the beta and try it.

There is only one process for getting a patch to an end user: you must
contact Microsoft Product Support and request it. I don't know whether
there's a hotfix available for this particular bug or not, but PSS should be
able to find out.

Worst case scenario - you wait for Orcas.


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