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Erik Wikstr?m wrote:

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well ok, im pretty new to c++, i have -a lot- of exp in programming in
VBA (visual basic for app) for excel to make macros

so i picked up a new course for computing which handles c++ only, i
tried it in school and know how to work it more or less

sadly, my dad got me the visual studios 2005 while i only used visual
c++ in school and im at a TOTAL loss to wat to do and how to go around
to only using c++ (no c# etc)

can someone tell me how to use it? >.<

To get up an running: Start VS, File->New->Project. In the tree to the
left, Visual C++ -> General -> Empty Project. Enter a name for the
project. Next step is to add a file (or more), in the Solution Explorer
(usually to the left, could be on the right, right-click in the folder
named Source Files and select Add-> New Item. In the dialog choose
Visual C++ -> Code -> C++ File (.cpp), give it a name and press Add. You
are now ready to code.

To build you code press Ctrl+Shift+B, to run the program press Ctrl+F5,
to start it in debug-mode use just F5.

You'll discover more features as you go, and by reading the documentation.

Happy coding.

thanks a lot, but now after i ctrl+shift+B i get this error

"1>.\test.cpp(3) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file:
'iostream.h': No such file or directory"

In any modern C++ compiler you should use

#include <iostream>

without the .h at the end, this goes for all standard library files, if
this is not in whatever book you are learning from than I suggest that
you throw it away since it's hoplessly out of date.

Erik Wikstr?m

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