Re: C++ in Linux or Windows

James Kanze <>
18 Apr 2007 00:17:18 -0700
On Apr 17, 6:06 pm, Zeppe
<> wrote: wrote:

IDEs are a matter of (in)convenience - you may not need/want to use one
(I don't).

Heh - thought I was the only one. Gvim and make for me...

it's just for the 99.99% of the common human beings (I'm among them)
that a good IDE like Visual Studio improves the productivity by 300%...

Does it really? Then why isn't it used by the most productive

An IDE has the advantage of being easy to learn. Typically, the
easier something is to learn, the less powerful it is, and the
less productive you are once you have invested the effort to
learn it. Without any previous knowledge, I'm sure that you can
write and compile a program quicker with Visual Studios than
with gvim/shell/makefiles, etc. Once you have learned the
classical toolset, however, I suspect the reverse is true; at
least, I've never seen anyone really effective with Visual
Studios (or with any other IDE).

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