Re: @TODO-type tags

"Alf P. Steinbach" <>
Sat, 12 May 2007 12:44:58 CST

I'm very much a C++ newbie, so forgive me if this question has come up
before. (I've been googling, but I haven't found a good answer.)

In Java there exists an @TODO tag that's part of the JavaDoc API. And,
using an IDE like Eclipse, you can very easily aggregate occurrences
of these guys and get a quick overview of the little things you've
marked as needing fixing. Is there anything in standard C++ like this?

Usually a comment like

  // TODO: blah blah

E.g., Microsoft's Visual Studio then provides a nice little todo-list.

If not, are there any add-on tools that will enable this kind of
behavior? I'm developing on a Mac using XCode, so if anyone knows of
plugins/add-ons for doing this, please let me know.

Sorry, I'm not familiar with that platform, but it's possible that
general tools like DOxygen might help (been a long time since I used
DOxygen), and if not, even more general tools like a little script. ;-)


- Alf

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