Re: want to learn C++

red floyd <no.spam@here.dude>
Thu, 21 Jun 2007 22:18:31 GMT
JoeC wrote:

On Jun 21, 4:40 pm, wrote:

I want to learn C++! does anyone have any advice?


Yes, get started. I personally like accelerated C++.

It would depend on how much experience you have with programming.
Start by learning the compiler do a hello world program. Learn the
basics. A few years ago I was in the beginner mode. It is very
challenging. Take your time experiment. start with the standard
inputs and outputs. Learn the data types learn program flow. Don't
get too caught up with pointers, learn about the standard libraries
especially string and vector. C++ is a strict language but there are
ways to get around the strict rules. Learn the rules first.

Seconded. Also, DO NOT USE VISUAL C++ 6.0!!!!! If you're using
Windows, start with "console" programs, do not use MFC. Avoid
Microsoft-isms (stdafx.h and _TCHAR/_tmain). MinGW is available for
free and is highly Standard compliant (modulo "export"), and so is
Visual Studio 2005 Express, also compliant (assuming /Za. again modulo

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