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 James Kanze <>
Mon, 17 Sep 2007 07:44:06 -0000
On Sep 17, 3:21 am, "Jim Langston" <> wrote:

"James Kanze" <> wrote in message

I wonder about this. Does anyone developing under Windows
actually use the "standard" command interpreter? (I've never
seen a Windows developer who didn't have either bash or ksh

I just use MSVC++ .net 2003 and the command prompt when I need
it. But then, I've been using MS-DOS since 2.0 so am used to

I used MS-DOS 2.3 for awhile, but even then, I had the Korn
shell installed. (Back then, the MKS Toolkit was still
affordable.) I did use the standard "shell" for a while: at the
time, I actually knew it fairly well; enough to write .bat

I guess part of the reason everyone I see installs bash and ksh
is that I've only seen Windows in mixed environments, where
there was also a lot of Unix. It's easier to just deal with one
command interpreter, rather than two, and of course bash/ksh is
more powerful than the standard command interpreter under
Windows. Similarly, the standard editor under Windows, for most
the people I know, is either emacs or vim (but some of those
developing pure Windows do use the Visual Studios editor).

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