Re: C++ Frequently Questioned Answers

"Bo Persson" <>
Wed, 21 Nov 2007 14:51:28 CST
Yossi Kreinin wrote:
:: On Nov 20, 7:50 pm, Alex Shulgin <> wrote:
:::: What I care about is the de-facto status. Porting from gcc 3 to
:::: gcc 4 raises lots of problems of syntactic compatibility, for
:::: example; both came out years after the C++ standard. All
:::: versions of VS, gcc and Green Hills C++ I've used /crashed/ on
:::: quite simple C++ code.
::: It's interesting. You've mentioned that crash a few times
::: already... Could you please recall what versions of the compilers
::: you've used?
:: Several (3-4), including very recent (built around 2006-2007).
:: It's not "that crash", it's "those many different crashes".
::: Did you bother to report crash to them? And, most intriguing,
::: what was the "quite simple C++ code" exactly, if it's not top
::: secret? ;-)
:: Today I definitely wouldn't bother to report front-end bugs of C++
:: compilers, but yes, I did "bother to report the crashes" as
:: described below (BTW, of course in other cases the compilers
:: didn't crash but instead silently produced the wrong code).
:: Green Hills sent patches, so I reported almost everything (their
:: support is responsive; I heartily recommend them over "free"
:: options such as cross-platform gcc/gdb/Eclipse combos, for
:: example, but of course they have bugs as do all C++ tool chains).
:: With gcc, for each problem there was a newer version where it
:: didn't occur; too bad I can't upgrade to a new version very easily
:: because so many of the C++ syntax interpretation changes (I
:: participated in upgrades from 2.95 to 3.1 to 3.3.1 to 4.1 to 4.2,
:: and it was always lots of work). I didn't submit bug reports,
:: since of course I wouldn't get a patch for the broken version; I
:: did "report" one such case to this NG:
:: Check out the reply saying that 3.3.1 is outdated, and how I should
:: switch to 3.3.5.

So what exactly is wrong with the reply "We fixed that problem last
year, please use the current version of the compiler" ?

Bo Persson

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