Re: Calling Class Constructor from Another Constructor

"Bo Persson" <>
Sun, 2 Dec 2007 16:49:15 CST
Deane Yang wrote:
:: Jerry Coffin wrote:
::: There are two different ways to get the current MS compiler for
::: free:
::: 1) The SDK includes the full compiler, but no IDE.
::: 2) "Visual Studio Express Edition" includes the IDE, and a
::: compiler lacking some optimizations.
:: Whoa. Do I understand this correctly? I can get the fully
:: optimizing MS C++ compiler for free? By "SDK" do you mean the
:: Platform SDK that is needed for VC++ Express, too? Can you explain
:: in more detail? I'm staring at the Platform SDK installation and
:: don't see a C++ compiler anywhere.

It depends on what platform SDK you are looking at :-)

The compiler and the OS gets of out phase sometimes, so some of the
SDK distributions have contained a compiler update.

The most current release is now of course Visual C++ Express 2008,
which contains the full optimizing compiler and *selected parts* of
the full SDK.

You just cannot find any release more current than november 2007. :-)

Bo Persson

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