Re: Why MSVC 6++ cannot find the .h file?

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Thu, 27 Dec 2007 11:53:52 GMT
On 2007-12-27 01:26, fl wrote:

On 26 d?c, 06:42, Erik Wikstr?m <> wrote:

On 2007-12-26 04:15, fl wrote:

I am learning C++ from the following C++ website, which has some very
good small examples. For the second Fraction example, which has five

A few tips if you want to learn C++:

1. While there are some websites out there which I would classify as
"not bad" there are none that I would consider "good", and they tend to
be very incomplete (not discussing important topics or only parts of
them). There are a number of good books out there, and if you search the
archives you can find a few that gets recommended often.

2. There are good compilers and there are bad compilers. MSVC++ 6 is one
of the worst, it is simply too old (almost 10 years now) and does not
support many features in C++. If you want to learn you have to get a
newer one, there are a number of gcc bases you can download, and
Microsoft's Visual C++ 2008 Express can also be downloaded for free.

Erik Wikstr?m

Thank all of you very much. In fact, I am reading the cpp primer of
lippman now. And I have one MS .net V7.1 enen though it is not a
English version. I have downloaded the source code of that book. But I
don't know the best way to use it, i.e. How to compile it as in the
readme.txt file? It says:

To use make on a Windows operating system you invoke the command
name "nmake":

    ## Windows machines
    > nmake # compiles all the programs
    > nmake clean # removes all the object files and stackdumps
    > nmake clobber # removes executable, object and stackdump
My computer doesn't understand the nmake command. Could you tell me
something about that? Thanks again.

For help with a specific compiler you should ask in a group discussing
your compiler. Check out the groups in the microsoft.public.* hierarchy.

If you have installed VS7.1 correctly you should have something called
Visual Studio 7.1 Command Prompt somewhere on your start-menu, start
that and then navigate the where you have your code and run nmake.

Erik Wikstr?m

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