Re: source code browser for C / C++ code

"Alf P. Steinbach" <>
Tue, 05 Feb 2008 17:15:01 +0100
* Victor Bazarov:

Rahul wrote:

which is the best source code browser for c / c++ source code... on
windows.. [..]

Why don't you ask in a Windows programming newsgroup?

On the other hand, apart from the "best" (which IMO is meaningless) it
is a useful question of broad interest, bringing in the general problem
of parsing tools for C++ and support for such tools, and especially
important for novices/beginners who need to "tool up" to get started.

It may be, however, that the only practically useful answer is "your
favorite editor/IDE".

Visual Studio Express is free but Windows only. CodeBlocks, DevC++,
Eclipse, Komodo etc. (I'm not sure whether Komodo supports C++) are free
and cross-platform. Emacs is AFAIK free and cross-platform and very
customizable but I don't know about its support for browsing C++ code*.


- Alf

(*) Of course here I'm revealing that I don't use Emacs, which as I
gather almost everybody else do. At the time I was introduced to Emacs
the version I was exposed to was very very primitive, and it was beyond
my ken how anybody could willingly choose to subject themselves to such
torture. Reportedly Emacs has become more user-friendly over the years.

A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is it such a bad thing?
A: Top-posting.
Q: What is the most annoying thing on usenet and in e-mail?

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