Re: C++ Compiler for windows?

James Kanze <>
Sun, 13 Jul 2008 02:04:51 -0700 (PDT)
On Jul 13, 9:55 am, "rufus" <> wrote:

Is there a C++ compiler for windows that can be run from the commmandline=

? I

have only be able to find MS Visual Studio but its rather overkill since=


also like to just use notepad for my code.

VC++ works fine from the command line. As far as I know, in
fact, it can only be invoked from the command line---Visual
Studios generates a command line to invoke it.

If you've installed Visual C++ correctly, there should be an
entry in your program menus for "Visual Studio 2008 Command
Prompt", or something similar. This will start a console window
with the environment all set up. If you want to use a different
shell (highly recommended), then you'll have to copy the
necessary components of the path into your system path (or the
path of your shell), and define the environment variables LIB
and INCLUDE with the values they have in this window. (I've
used VC++ from the command line in MSys, CygWin and UWin; I
usually invoke it from a gmake file, however, which also works
fine under Windows. If you do use some of the Unix tool set,
however, you might want to consider moving things around so that
there are no spaces in any of the path names---you can make it
work with spaces, but it's a lot more difficult.)

The actual command is cl. Note that like most other compilers,
you'll need a lot of options for it to be really usable.

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