Re: VS2008 Beta vs Release Version

"Mark Salsbery [MVP]" <MarkSalsbery[MVP]@newsgroup.nospam>
Fri, 3 Oct 2008 11:09:50 -0700
"AVee" <AVee@community.nospam> wrote in message

Thanks, Pavel.

The last DVD I received from my MSDN Pro subscription has files dated
11/8/2007, and the download for this DVD is dated 11/21/2007. The exact
nature of the SP1 is not clear to me from the download page, and it is not
clear if one of the service packs applies to VS2008 Professional Edition.
Can you advise me how I can be sure to be up to date on VS2008
Professional Addition?

Thanks again.

11/08/2007 would correspond to the approximate RTM date of VS 2008.

That is are the date of files on my DVD as well.

Note: that is NOT VS 2008 SP1! I don't believe I've received a SP1 DVD yet.
I downloaded it.


Mark Salsbery
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++

"Pavel A." <> wrote in message

AVee wrote:

Is VS2008 out of Beta testing yet?

Do you have any doubt in this? why?


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