Re: vc++ best ide?

Rolf Magnus <>
Sat, 20 Dec 2008 17:59:11 +0100
<gij88r$4ep$00$> wrote:

On Dec 20, 3:58 am, Juha Nieminen <nos...@thanks.invalid> wrote:

Ron AF Greve wrote:

And as an editor vi has of course its disadvantages
but sometimes I actually mis some of its regex power in the VC++ editor
(I know that got reg expresssions too but for some reason I never get
the same thing from it, as I get from vi :-( ).

Then why don't you use vi? It has been ported to Windows.

Visual Studio in no way forces you to use its own editor for editing
the source code files. I use Visual Studio for my payjob, and I use (a
Windows port of) emacs to edit my files (for the simple reason that I
have been using emacs for that purpose for over 10 years and thus I'm so
accustomed to it).

When I want to compile, I simply switch (alt-tab) to Visual Studio and
hit F7 (to compile).

Well, I hit F7 in vim to compile. It automatically saves all changes before
running make. After building, it automatically jumps to the first error or
warning. No need for Visual Studio.

thanks for all the replys, i can see most coding is done in text
editors and not ide's, never knew that

I think both is done. An IDE hides a lot of stuff, and IMHO, for learning
purposes, it's good to know what's going on behind the scense. And getting
an initial makefile to start with isn't really hard. Then you can use any
editor you like, and you'll always be able to get along without an IDE.

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