Re: can't save .rc in 2008 Studio

"Scot T Brennecke" <>
Fri, 15 May 2009 03:35:54 -0500
Holy smokes! Have you reported this problem to Microsoft?
But first, have you installed VS 2008 Service Pack 1 to make sure it isn't already fixed?

"David Connet" <> wrote in message
news:B1OOl.33201$ wrote in news:440f3ba8-94ee-42d9-9559-

To the best of my knowledge, I am not doing anything differently than
what I was doing when I used VS2003. VS2003 was not sensitive to
the .rc file being modified outside of VS, while VS2008 is (VS2008

I've run into this many times. I often hand-edit the rc file (for certain
things, it's just faster and easier) - I quickly discovered that VS08 will
often crash very soon after. Quicker if you actually have some resources
open. I quickly learned that if I'm going to hand-edit, I'd better close
the project first. ("soon after" is anywhere from 1 second to several

Dave Connet

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