Re: VS 2008 linker: how to see the paths that the linker is following to libc*.lib?

"Carl Daniel [VC++ MVP]" <>
Thu, 22 Oct 2009 07:01:58 -0700
lcplben wrote:

Hi folks --

Trying to track down the cause of a sudden failure in _read( ): the
build worked great and then, five mins later, it croaked and now /
nothing/ will build correctly. The exact problem is that _read( )
returns fewer than "count" bytes. To start off with, I'm guessing
that _read( ) is somewhere in libc*.lib, so:

I'd like to see the actual paths that the linker followed to satisfy a
requirement for libc*.lib. Is there some config switch in the DE that
will show those paths?

Use the /VERBOSE linker option to see exactly what was linked from where.
Beware - the output is quite large, so you'll definitely want to redirect
the linker output to a file (if you're doing command-line builds).

One possiblity for the variation you're seeing: When you build from inside
Visual Studio, the environment variables (LIB, etc) are ignored and the
directories configured in VS are used. When you build from the command
line, the environment variables are used. If you're always building in the
IDE or always from the command line, then this is not the problem..


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