Re: Seeking recommendation on free or cheap C++ compiler

Le Chaud Lapin <>
Sat, 28 Nov 2009 20:20:36 CST
On Nov 26, 10:31 am, Jeff Schwab <> wrote:

I got my start in VMS, then Unix, then Windows, and have been using
Visual Studio since the days of Quick C, and whatever can be done with
using command line, scripts, whatever, I can do that, plus more, with
the IDE.

That's patently untrue. I really don't think you realize just how
flexible the command-line is, no matter how long or intensively you
claim to have used it. For example, when I've performed a sequence of
actions in an IDE, there is no backscroll buffer for me to copy and
paste into a script or an email. There is no way to store a typescript,
much less to edit the typescript in the same environment from which it
was created; the closest you can come is some kind of effectively
immutable screen-cast. The IDE will not run in the serial console I use
every day, and using it over an ssh connection is either impossible or
painfully slow, depending on the IDE, the bandwidth of the connection,
and the nature of the workstation.

Given that the IDE can be invoked from the command line, and that the
IDE can run any command line script, it is logical to conclude that
the feature set of the IDE is a superset of the features set of the
command line.

Therefore, whatever can be done using the command line can be done
with the IDE, but the reverse is not true.

At that point, it becomes a matter of preference of the user:

1. Some users will prefer the IDE, and never the command line.
2. Some users will prefer the command line, and never the IDE.
3. Some users will lean heavily toward IDE, using command line
4. Some users will lean heavily toward command line, using IDE

In absence of the IDE, three of these possibilities are immediately

In absence of the command line, none of them are eliminated, because
the IDE always includes the command line.

-Le Chaud Lapin-

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